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               Have you ever wondered about grooming? What does it take to groom a dog? We took the time to answer a few of our most asked questions. Take a second to read them; then take just a quick minute to clean your dogs ears!


  1. Tell us about your own dogs. How long have dogs been in your life?
    1. From the time I could walk I have been around dogs.
  2. How did you become involved in grooming?My mother was a dog groomers and she raised poodles and many other breeds. We were show groomers. I was putting puppies in puppy matches when I was 10. Leach breaking and training. Helped breeding dogs when I was 7. When I was a teenager I would sit at the dryer for hours helping my mom while she groomed the show dogs.
  3. What training did you complete to become a groomer?
    1. I was fully grooming in my mom’s shop. She sent me to other groomers and did other trainings over there. When I was 16 I pretty much took over her business.
  4. What is an average work day like for you?
    1. I find grooming relaxing. I get into a zone. I can think about things and get in tune with the dog. Its my escape.
  5. How long does it take to groom a dog
    1. To properly groom a dog it usually takes a couple of hours. I hate to push for time because the dogs don’t get comfortable.
  6. What should people know about dog grooming?
    1. Its so important to the dogs health. Getting your dog groomed helps with their heigine.
  7. What should people look for when choosing a groomer?
    1. They should look for a groomer that asks them questions about their dog. It shows they are trying to base their experience on their needs.
  8. How do you feel about self grooming?
    1. It would be great if they got a little certification course before doing so.



Homemade Ear Flush:  For Cats and Dogs

One part rubbing alcohol (one tablespoon)

Three parts white vinegar (three tablespoons)

Mix together, and administer to ears once a day. Massage the base of the ear to work liquid into ear, then let your pet shake their head to clean out liquid.



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