November 13, 2018

Hello dog loving peeps,

Hope you enjoyed the first issue of Tuesday Tips. It feels good to have this forum to share years of knowledge and fun with you. If you have questions or topics that you would like me to talk about, please let me know at or on our page at

Doggie See Doggie Do

Do you know what my favorite part of the pet resort is?

It is Doggie Day Care, hands down.  I get to experience all the cute characters that our dogs really are!  I will be grooming away when Skipper starts "butt bumping" me to pet him. Makes me laugh….and pet him ;)

 All the dogs are adjusted and comfortable in their pack order.  Dogs that did not "get along" with other dogs are now curled up with another furr baby, sharing their blanket. Prior naughty habits that an "only dog" used to have, like the many behaviors of anxiety, slowly go away as they have safety and routine in the group. The dogs take cues and learn from each other.  

 I love making sure that the pack structure includes a mature, calm dog that "knows the ropes". This makes transitioning a new dog into the "pack" go smoothly.  Also, we can't forget Puppy Socializing.  For puppy to have a nice bunch of dogs to learn from is invaluable.  Socializing is also such an important part of developing a calm and confident dog as they grow up.

Do You Stand Out in the Crowd?

People are also very socially minded in that we are looking for approval of our peers.  We have a built in protection that has us conform to our friends, families and communities.  When we don’t conform we get pushed out of the "tribe" in many cases.

Do you know that generally we are like the 5 people we hang out with the most?  We are like those people in mannerisms, incomes, and habits.  We are so set into habits that we fool ourselves that we are really happy with life as is.

Are you truly happy with life as is? What one small change would put you on a truer path for you? I would challenge you to pick one small habit that you can change, (with or without your friends), that will bring you one step closer to that path to happiness.

For myself, I have found that reading the right books has helped give me some mentorship that I was lacking.  So, a small habit of turning the TV off and giving my last 30 minutes to reading is a truer path for me…also screens off for the last 30 minutes is proven to help us sleep better. 

Enjoy your pack, find your true path and sleep well.


In happiness & health,